Google Certified Educator Level 1
Passed certification exam - 12/22/16
Google Certified Educator Level 1 Certificate
LED Sequence - Breadboard to Autodesk 123D Circuit
One LED Sequence Run in Two Environments
Breadboard and Arduino running a sequence sketch
Computational Thinking/Programming
Residency at Hilltop Montessori in Brattleboro, Vermont
Image of a desktop computer screen using Logo Programming
Japan for Six to Ten Year-Old Children
Studied in Japan via the Fulbright Memorial Fund
Front page of a site dedicated to learning about Japan for young children
Japan: An Integrated Study
Online Course on ITI Using Japan as Model
Image of a section of a Moodle course with drawing of instructor
First Elementary Educator's Site in Vermont
Image of the front page of an very old website about helping educators use the internet
How to Cut Garlic
Instructional video made with Premiere Pro
Image of a section of an instructional movie about cutting garlic