As a technologies teacher, I try to be as integrative as feasible. I use integrated thematic instruction in my classroom and when using technology I look at the TPACK model to guide me. The illustration on the right is a useful representation of what I think about when using digital tools in education. Below you will see the model being used as a matrix to curate my experience and on-going understanding of meaningful technology integration in schools. I look forward to continuing my work, updating the knowledges, and thinking more on what quality work looks like at the intersections of this union.
Reproduced by permission of the publisher, © 2012 by tpack.org

Reproduced by permission of the publisher, © 2012 by tpack.org

I have a Vermont Teaching License in Elementary Education as well as a Technology Integration Endorsement (#42). I have worked with students at every age level from day-care to graduate school and have taught abroad as well. I’ve also worked in educational software and instructional design and am competent in diagnosing problems and shifting machines and people to a new desired state. I am also a proud father of two young adults who are finding their way through their own professional journeys well and with passion.
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Technological Knowledge  
Arduino Circuits
Scratch Jr. & ScratchCode.Org
Hour of Code
Logical Journey of the Zoombinis
Lightbot Jr. & Lightbot
Operating Systems:
macOS (all versions)
Windows (all versions)
Chrome OS
iOS (all versions)
Raspbian Jesse
Learning Management Systems:
Google Certified Educator Level 1
Content Management System:
Video Editing:
Premiere Pro
Audio Editing:

Image Editing:
HTML Editing:
Computer Science:
Coding & Robotics
Technology Tools

Content Knowledge:    
Readers' WorkshopEveryday MathCode.OrgResponsive ClassroomThe Writing Process

Pedagogical Knowledge:  
Practice Instructional Theory Learning Theory
Elementary Education:
Classroom Teacher K-6
Technology Classes - Marlboro Academy
Instructional Design
• Essays on Inquiry Based Learning and
• Using Japan as a model theme in
an online course about teaching
Integrated Thematic Instruction
Early Childhood:
Day-Care/Kindergarten Teacher
College Instructor:
Antioch University
Keene State College
Community College of Vermont
CELTA certified English language instructor

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