PYP Key Concept: Form

Young children like to sort. They’ll do it on their own based on myriad of qualities subjective, objective, and fantastical. When asked to sort for a functional reason, such as testing and sorting colored markers for color and how well they work, the activity can go on for hours. Asked to do it for inquiry […]


Welcome. I’m John Donaldson – a classroom teacher and learning technologies specialist. I use this space to let people know more about who I am – it’s the next best place to find out about who I am beyond having a conversation in person, which I hope we may do sometime soon. Please feel free to contact me for […]

Educational Design Models

I have taken the liberty to ‘lift’ the definitions and one resource link of the educational design models that my classmates have provided in our recent assignment. It’s not a complete list of the work done as some disinterested me or were not clarified well. Action Learning uses movement to improve learning, memory retention and […]