Python, Robot, and Raspberry Pi

Finally, after postal delays from China and not being able to leave the house from a bad dirt road, I have everything I need to continue my coding studies with Arduino and the RPi. I’m pretty far behind so I’ll have to spend a lot of the next few days catching up. I’m using Brian […]

Raspberry Pi

To update, I am currently running a RPi Model 2 with a new 32 GB sd micro card w/Debian Jesse. You can look here and here to see how I got this far. The problem of the moment is getting a good browser to work. I really don’t like Epiphany and would like to upgrade […]

Raspberry Pi Used Automatically to Complain to Comcast for Slow Speeds

A Comcast user has used a Raspberry Pi to create a device that will complain to Comcast when service goes well below the speed he’s promised. Code Below: #!/usr/bin/python import os import sys import csv import datetime import time import twitter def test(): #run speedtest-cli print ‘running test’ a = os.popen(“python /home/pi/speedtest/speedtest-cli –simple”).read() print ‘ran’ […]

Raspberry Pi Up and Running

My Raspberry Pi works! All for about $60 plus shipping, and because I already had a keyboard/mouse and HDMI monitor, I have a newly functioning computer. The Raspbian OS includes everything I need, web browser, Scratch, text editor, and a few other things I’m looking forward to exploring. Raspberry Pi 2 Model B w/wireless. I […]

Update to the Raspbian Desktop

Still seems to me that the Raspberry Pi is the way to go to introduce CS into elementary classrooms. The cost, community support, and ease of use is fantastic. The newest update to Raspbian includes offline support for Scratch and GPIO pin control.

SSH into RPI

I was able to Secure Shell (SSH) into my Pi by getting some hints from Raspberry Pi.Org Documentation. I was able to get in but because my command line skills are so limited I wasn’t able to do anything more than look inside a directory. Ultimately I’d just like to learn how to copy and/or move […]